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Letterpress Printing on Wood!

Ian Johnson

This is one of the most favorite things we’ve experimented with in a while.

We’ve all seen high-end invitations and stationery printed on wood.  They stand out in a crowd, and give a super natural feel to any printed design.  We had been waiting for an opportunity to play with wooden letterpress cards, and now that we have one we’re hooked.  It is SO cool.

We can’t post any details about the project, but we can show some of our test prints from the different types of wood veneer.  All our samples came from Cards of Wood, and they have some amazing products.  Our favorites are the Maple and Walnut, but they really all look great.




Our favorite part about this combo between letterpress and wood is the way it doesn’t hide the wood grain- in fact it highlights it.  The ink is absorbed into the wood at the “peaks” of the grain, and the “valleys” remain un-inked.  And unlike screen printing or offset, there is no bleed into the grain of the wood so the design stays as perfectly defined as if it were flat paper.  

If you’re interested in printing your design on wood, we DEFINITELY recommend it.  Not only does it look great, but you have the added peace of mind knowing how environmentally friendly it is.  Contrary to what you might think, wood veneer (even the multiple-ply varieties) requires less wood to produce than regular paper, and involves no chemicals compared to the pulping process.  It’s also 100% biodegradable of course.  

Such a great alternative to paper, and oh-so beautiful.  Stay posted… in a few months we’ll share how we’re using it!